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About Us

We are a leading distributor of premium grade Ketone technology in the UK.

The company sales exceeded $250 million in it’s second year and has experienced 400% growth year after year since inception. Our company is growing fast.

We ship worldwide so let us know where you are from and we can post you your Experience.

This exclusive proprietary formula is Dr. approved and tested. Vegan friendly, Halal and gluten free. Our product is safe for athletes and Informed Choice Certified. Our Ketones are safe for children as well as pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

What are the benefits of taking Exogenous Ketones?

The benefits of ketones are quite diverse and the results that we see short-term and long-term can be different for everyone. So what can it help? What are studies suggesting that it might be beneficial for? We are seeing studies that are suggesting benefits from a neuroprotective standpoint, cognitive benefit, traumatic brain injury, focus, energy, concentration, body composition, balancing our blood sugars such is insulin and our blood glucose levels, impacting hunger hormones like leptin and ghrelin. Potential benifit from a thyroid and male and female sex hormone standpoint.

Inflammatory benefit, improving lean muscle mass the list goes on as the research continues to grow.

So what can you expect to see early on verses long-term? What you’ll probably notice initially is the change in energy. As you first begin to change most people will experience that cognitive benefit, the focus the concentration, the energy from the ketones in their system. Long term as the ketones exert their effect internally helping to manage inflammation and balance hormones that’s when we might that’s when we might see some of those other benefits such as body composition or inflammatory States.

Do I have to change my diet when taking Ketone Supplements?

What happens when we have both glucose and ketones in our system? The Wonderful thing about exogenous ketones is that you don’t have to change your diet in order to feel the benefits of having ketone supplement in your system.

In the past the only way to experience the benefits was a follower strict ketogenic diet moving your body into nutritional ketosis. As you may know for some people this can take up to a few weeks but for others it can take months so it’s a very challenging diet to follow. Now you can take the ketones without making any changes and experience those benefits. However we do encourage making healthy lifestyle changes! Obviously optimising your health and your diet will enhance the benefits of taking exagenous ketones. We recommend a low carb keto approach rather that a high fat keto approach. Think of it this way, the less carbs and glucose you consume then the more your body will use fat for a preferred fuel source.

If you do continue to consume carbohydrates and glucose and you have the duel fuel of ketones and glucose. Studies are suggesting that our bodies will actually preferentially choose the fuel source it needs. So for example your muscle may choose the ketone Supplements instead of the sugar as it’s primary source of fuel. Although I do encourage having the key tones on an empty stomach, if you do take them with sugar there’s no concern about them accumulating because the ketones are water soluble and they’ll be eliminated via your urine if they’re not used.

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